Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The two Lanford girls...

...are sleeping! We had a weird day, so naps are off schedule. But still...they're asleep!

I've been meaning to start a blog for a while - I just never seem to get around to it before I forget what I came to the computer for in the first place ;)

I gave my notice last Friday at work...I am officially a Stay at Home Mom! I have traded in a traditional paycheck for lots of kisses from Carys & coos from Cailyn. And you know what? It's all worth it!

Cailyn is 9.5 weeks old...and I can't figure out where the time has gone!
She is sleeping well at night IN HER CRIB (this is a major milestone because Carys co-slept with us until 18 months of age...). Cailyn wakes up twice a night, but usually goes right back to sleep after she fills her tummy.
It's not fun getting up at 3am and 5am to feed her, but it's such a sweet time. She has started smiling at me while she's eating - it's adorable. It's also incredibly messy because everything spills out of her mouth. I laugh, she laughs. She's just adorable.

Carys is in big girl panties! You read that correctly! She has a few accidents every once & while, but she's doing great - we are so proud of her!
She's also taking her big sister role much better now that we have all "adjusted". She wants to hold Cailyn all the time, and she mimics my actions with Cailyn. She wants to be a little mommy too ;)
She is just the life of the party - and so very, very sweet.
She is talking so much more - Chad & I even ask ourselves if she ever stops talking. Little chatterbox!
Her favorite phrase right now is "Mom (or dad)...that's not nice." (She hears that a lot...)
She pronounced nice with 2 syllables - so I get a crack out of that. "nuh-ice" Yep, she's a Southern gal at heart.

Anyway, bookmark our blog. I'll add pictures & a few little stories when I can. It will save your email inbox ;)

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Renee Ross said...

Hey girly! i tell you I'am so proud of you and Chad... You 2 are great paernts and have a beautiful family...i actually cried when i read and seen all of you..i would love to get together sometime..i think about all of you often.... ty so much for sharing.... the girls are absoulty adorable..the baby is growing so fast and Carey is just taken off...they are precious what a wonderful gift huh? luv you all xoxoxooxox
Aunt Rene'e....423-3542