Thursday, August 17, 2006

whatcha gonna do?

Cailyn decided not to sleep in her usual routine last night. She went down at 11:15...up at 4:15. She ate for about 10 seconds, had a blowout, then decided it was time to play. Until 6am.
At least I got a little exercise...there's NO good tv on in the wee hours of the morning, so Cailyn & turned on VH1 and danced around the living room. She was cooing like a wild woman. The kid likes to dance. Granted, she doesn't have any moves yet...but she's bound to have more rhythm than her mama! I would never dance anywhere but in the privacy of my television-lit living room. Luckily, my girls don't care if I can't dance.

I was crawling into bed as Chad's alarm clock was going off. Thankfully, I got a little rest before Cailyn woke Carys & I up at 8:30. The lungs on that child! She is SO loud!!!

Carys woke up in a bright mood - which is always great. It's only 10:30am, but we haven't had any meltdowns yet. (I know - the day is young...)
She did tell me that she had a dream - which cracks me up. She said daddy spanked her hiney.
I asked her what for & she said she took his cookie. Silly girl!

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