Tuesday, November 7, 2006

dressin' up

I have lots of Halloween costumes - which comes in handy when it's a boring morning with not much to do. FASHION SHOW! (Well, I don't know how fashionable a 3-year-old in a dragon suit can be, but it's darn cute!) Thanks to Donna who gave us all her kid's costumes from years ago....Carys thoroughly enjoys them! The lion is her favorite! If this still fits next year (which I doubt it will), I will dress the girls up as the cowardly lion and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Who am I kidding? Carys will have a new fixation by then.
"I a dolly-mation, Mommy!"

And here are the Beagles. Chad says I never acknowledge their existence.
Well, here you go. They exist. Zoe "Evil Eye" on the left. Sisco "I'd Rather be a Fuzzy Kitty" on the right.

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nikki said...

I just love the lion...too cute!