Sunday, December 3, 2006

is it December, already?

i love December, but it is so busy for us!
we have something planned everyday of every weekend for the entire month. geesh!
Cailyn has come down with a whopper of a cold - i thought she had an ear infection, then croup/bronchitis, etc. - my mind was racing. if you heard her scream, you would think she had a serious illness. her little voice is almost gone from all the screaming :( but she seems to be better today - and i am so thankful for that. Carys also has something going on, but she acts fine during the day - she just has a fever at night. a high fever. ugh. i hope she's well for her party next weekend. did you know she's almost three?

we packed everyone up & headed to wilmington for the afternoon yesterday for a wedding. Carys was so excited (mostly because i told her we were going to see Cinderella - she has no idea what a wedding is....but Cinderella? yes, that makes sense to her.) she had so much fun. she was bouncing off the walls when Cinderella gave her a hug. such a sweet girl!
congratulations to my cousin Bree & her new hubby, Will - December 2, 2006.
it was a beautiful wedding & a gorgeous day.

four generations: my grandmother, my mom, me & my girls

Carys & Nana

a sweet moment between Chad & Cailyn
Carys, being crafty. i can't tell you what we're making - it's
a surprise for a the grandparents. and well worth the wait ;)
Cailyn wears her favorite new food: green beans.

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Brandy said...

What a great four generations picture!
Love the Daddy giving Cailyn love. Your Mom looks so young!
I am sure they will all love the surprise :)