Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who knew...

...that my daughter would turn 3 and become a chef overnight?
(thanks to Nikki & Matt - i think the new Play-Doh kitchen is her favorite!) ...that i would enjoy making a Play-Doh low carb meal to pretend eat with my daughter?
....that i would have to make tons of these meals. over and over and over again?
....that i would LOVE it because it makes Carys happy?...that Carys would let me teach her about the alphabet? (finally!!!)
that she would turn 3 and immediately want to learn to draw people?
...that Cailyn would have a nasty rash on her cheeks when she's about to pop a tooth?
...that she would still be pretty happy while growing teeth & fighting the world's yuckiest cold?
...that she would never sit still for a photo?
...that i would have about ten gajillion blurry/out-of-focus/action/not-quite-right pictures of my little munchkin because she likes to dodge the camera?


amber said...

You do some great play-doh creation, girl. Looks good enough to eat!

skye said...

heh. thanks, but it was totally from a mold. i could not do that all alone ;)

nikki said...

I'm glad she likes the kitchen...Matt found it on the shelf @ Toys R Us...I had my eye on another set, which there was only 1 of...and another shopper was looking @ it...once she FINALLY decided NOT to buy it...I picked it up...thinking YES! YES! I got it...only to notice the box had been opened and taped backed shut! Curses!! Matt came to the rescue w/the kitchen! Enjoy her creations!!