Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Ah, Monday. Again.
We didn't do too much this weekend, which was nice. Some moths broke free from their cocoons, Cailyn found a hiding place, we had our family portraits taken. And then I took tons of cute pictures of the girls.

Meet the Imperial Moth

And a different type of Imperial Moth - much prettier I think. OUt of all the callapillas we caught...only one has turned out to look like this. The rest are brown. Just brown. But Carys thinks they're bootiful buttafwies. We've been letting them go about a day after they hatch - it seems like it's just enough time for their wing to dry & they start flittering around the jar anyway...

Cailyn's new hidey-hole
Carys gets kinda jealous because she also loves to hide there.Cailyn, trying to be like her big sister.
But she got stuck trying to climb the stool.She's okay, I promise.After we had our family potrait taken Sunday afternoon, I took the opportunity to take photos of the girls. I had to - they were dressed so cute. I couldn't resist.

Heh. She likes to make wishes on dandelions.
She always wishes for the same thing:
Pwease. I would like candy. And chocwit cake. The End.These are all pretty simlar, but I couldn't pick just one to post.


nikki said...

Love, love, love the pics by the window...too precious!!

Oh, the house divide flag in the background is cute, too!

Amanda said...

They are precious.....I do love the pictures at the window too...those are nice.

Brandy said...

Adorable dresses, girls and pictures! I don't know why but the pic of Cailyn crying made me realize how much she looks like Chad in all those pictures. The one of her in the cabinet really looks like him.
"Pwease. I would like candy. And chocwit cake. The End." Too cute.