Friday, May 25, 2007

Weekly wrap-up

Cailyn got a boo-boo, and little mommy Carys made it all better.
How sweet is that?

Silly girl. She likes to knock the kitchen over, then sit on it.
She also stole Carys' cup while Carys was napping - too funny!
She gets upset when she sees Carys with that cup; she always wants it, too!

My grinning artiste
She is mastering the difference between drawing 'A' & 'H'

My gorgeous girls, wanting to go outside before naptime.
We went, but only briefly. Man, is it HOTTTT!
I have to laugh at this picture - she looks like she's got a huge hiney!

She looks like a little girl here, enjoying her goldfish for snack. I started her on 2% milk yesterday. She liked it, but it wasn't her first choice....she really liked the Blueberry Pomegranate juice I got this week. It's pretty tasty - not too sweet, but full of good stuff!

And more of the walking diva, below. She's carefully & cautiously honing her skillz.
Walkin' skillz. Bendin' over skillz. Wobblin' skillz. Cuteness skillz.


emily said...

I LOVE matching shirts! I bet they looked really cute together in them. And cute video too! She's getting better at it.

Christine said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love the walkin' skillz ~ oh how I miss those days!!

Amanda said...

The matching shirts? I have it,or did have it when Savannah was around 2. I love that they are matching,very cute.