Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First day of school

So, today was the first official day of preschool. I knew Carys was ready - she has been ready for this for months. We got up, and I made her a celebratory pancake breakfast. She was finished in record time. I fixed her hair, and she got dressed. She wanted to wear a dress today - what a girly thing! I'm sure the Spiderman sneakers will get some use later this week though...

Then we waited for 8:30, so I could tell her it was time to get ready. We took some pictures outside, then we loaded up. We were still going to be early, and we were warned that school doors would be locked until 9am...so we went to the bank first. That killed some time...

Showing off her backpack

And the back :)
That lunchbox is so full - I had to pack it several different times yesterday - she kept changing her mind about what she wanted to eat. We finally settled on a pb&j, pretzels, oranges & applesauce. And a juicebox.

I thought she might be nervous on the ride, but she wasn't/ Not at all. She kept asking me where we were, where's her school, why am I turning around (after I left the bank...).

We arrived & just by luck, found a parking spot that wasn't on the road.

I took a few pictures & she went to play on the playground while we waited for the doors to open.

Here she is, standing by the door of her class. The pic is small, but her name is right above her head. I couldn't get her to look at me at this point - she was ready for me to go.Here she is with Mrs. Angela. She was so excited to see her new teacher. She gave her a hug & told her she was going to be a big girl. Since she was the first kiddo to arrive in her class, she gets to be the special helper today. She was so proud.
You can see her backpack lovingly hung under her cubby - she couldn't wait to hang it up.
I told her I was leaving & would see her later - and she replied, "Okay Mom. Don't forget to pick me up!" Like I would ever forget that! I promised her I would be back after lunch & she was off. Miss Independent Preschooler.

And...here are my two beautiful daughters. Cailyn has missed her sister this morning. She has been walking around calling "Sissy!?!? Sissy?!?!" Bless her heart. She'll figure it all out soon - and then she'll want to go to school soon, too.
But I want to keep her little just a while longer ;)
They grow up way too fast.


Nik said...

How exciting! I'm impressed that she went so easily. She looks so grown up...her hair is just beautiful! So much body...I'm jealous!

You and Cailyn will have so much fun...spending time w/just the two of you...it will be special!

Now, here's the question: how did YOU handle Carys' 1st day of preschool?

skye said...

I did really well. Dry eyes!
We have been SO ready for this - and I think it helped me that she was just so ready. She didn't want me lingering around - she gave me a hug& said "See you later!"
If she would have clung or cried, I would have lost it.

MEMAW & POPPIE said...


Nana said...

I had the tears your eyes missed, Skye! All I could see in those pix was YOU on your first day. Same independence and glee! BTW: I think Carys liked the "control" of having the ENTIRE class go potty with her!
Special prayer for Miss Angela today....

Amanda said...

I hope Keely does as good as it sounds like Carys has done with preschool. He's off and on at church on Sundays which makes me sorta nervous for preschool. I'm so proud of Carys.