Friday, October 5, 2007

My girls

I apologize for my lack of blogging this week. The girls & I had a cold, but they're fine now. Mine, unfortunately, has morphed into bronchitis. So I'm not feeling much like myself. My body aches from all the coughing. It sucks. Big time.

I did want to share some photos with you though, of my cutie pies. And, in case you're wondering, the reunion was a huge fat success. We all had a great time! There were quite a few people that came right at the end, who we weren't expecting - and it was just so nice to see them all.
Anyway. Enjoy the pictures of my little cuties.

Cailyn loving on Sisco at my Mom's house
Carys goofing off at the park

Cailyn playing with the big girls on the slides

This child loves a puppy dog, let me tell you.
She smelled very "doggy" when she was done playing that day.
And she is so funny when she says "daaaawwww-geeeeee!!!!!"

Oh, Zoe is on a semi-permanent vacation at Memaw & Poppi's house. She turned into a chewer all of a sudden and it was driving us crazy. SO she may stay at Memaw & Poppi's indefinitely. We're not sure.
It has been kinda nice for me not having dog hair all over the place. And I'm sure Zoe is enjoying her stay, too.

The first dog we banished this year, Sisco.
I swear. Now we have 2 turtles & a fish. And Carys thinks we're getting an orange kitty cat - but, um, no. Not at the moment.

Carys, playing with chalk at Nana's house. She looks like such a big girl to me here - like 5 years old or something.

Anyway, that's our update for now. I'll post something else before the end of the year, or when I kick this nasty cough - which ever comes first.


nikki said...

Finally...some new pics! As always...too cute!! Sorry about the colds...I have one as well-and a yucky ear infection! Ugh!! you think Nana would like two bulldogs as well? What would I do w/out dog hair, vet visits, dog slobber, dog food and not to mention the chewing? It sounds like heaven! When can I drop the off? (just kidding...Matt would have my head!) :)

Nana said...

oh, Nikki, Nana says.....ummmmm....NO!!!....I love you but the kennel is full! I am, however, concentrating on helping Carys out with her kitty quest.

Feel better soon Skye!

Brandy said...

That 1st one of Carys, she really could be a model!
~*~chicken noodle soup vibes~*~

CLL said...

Nana, you can help with the kitty quest as long as you're prepared to keep the kitty at the Stedman ranch.

Maybe Skye won't delete this comment on me.

Christine said...

I hope you feel better soon Skye!!! Great pictures of the sweeties!!

Amanda said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one slacking..although you have a better excuse the me...I hope you feel better soon. Love the pictures.

Amanda said...

I hope you feel better soon Skye.