Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Yikes...the day after Halloween. Is that really today? That means we've got other Holidays coming up too quickly for my liking. Double yikes.
On with the show....

Carys was SO excited - she kept asking me ALL day if it was time for her to get ready yet...and finally, it was.
She wanted to be SuperMan, but I convinced her that she would be the very one & only SuperCarys...and she agreed. She corrected everyone that called her SuperMan: "No, I Supa-Cawwiss!!!!"
Before we left for the carnival at a local church. Cailyn had no clue what was going on. She didn't want to wear her little hat at first...but Mommy won in the end. She even kept it on most of the night!Chad taking the girls to the Super Slide - Carys spent most of her time there. Which is the reason why there aren't a ton of pictures of her. She didn't want to stay with us & Cailyn - she wanted to play with her little buddies. And we were very lucky that we could keep an eye on her, but let her feel like she was a big girl and do what she wanted. (I cannot believe I just said that...she's getting so big!)

Full ensemble. She was so stinkin' cute!!!!!

Picking up ducks for prizes at the Carnival...Cailyn LOVED that game!!!

And Cailyn loved riding the train around the parking lot.
I think we went around at least 5 times. She didn't want to get off!

Chad & Cailyn, waiting in line for the slide.
Cailyn liked that too. I was so surprised!

Waiting for Carys to get off the slide so we could go trick-or-treat at home. She got into some candy & kept asking for more, of course...


Riding around to the houses in our neighborhood.
I kept telling Chad (and Carys) that she had grown so much from last year. This time last year, she was just starting to go out in public without a diaper on - and I vividly remember racing to the potty with her at the carnival last year.
And I remember carrying little leopard-dressed Cailyn around in the sling.
Now, they're both carrying around their treats like big girls - and it's so bittersweet.
My little ladies. They're growin' up.

And,'s the loot!

They really racked up. And we really don't get many trick-or-treaters in our our neighbors really loaded them up. Lucky little Lanford ladies!


Nana said...

Oh Nana hates she missed it! Looks like lots of sweets for the sweeties!

nikki said...

too cute! i do see a least one healthy goodie...Cailyn has some raisins!!

Amanda said...

I just adore Carys's costume!! She so totally rocks :-)

Anonymous said...



Amanda said...

I'm sure they had a ton of fun....When I read about your girls I can't help but to think of my boys and sit nodding my head about everything you say...especially about your little ladies growing up.....I can't believe how much they have grown....They are precious.