Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

I cannot believe that Christmas is already over. We had a great day - jam packed of wonderful memories and time with family.

Of course Santa spoiled the girls. The favorite gifts were Carys' Leapster L-Max and Cailyn's Leap Frog trike. They would have been just as happy if those were the only two presents under the tree. (Santa will learn one of these days I suppose.)

The girls gave me a Christmas gift also. One heckuva cold. Didn't I just have one? Riiiiight - and so did both of the girls. It's the gift that keeps giving, I guess. I mean, seriously, I do not have time for a cold.

Here's Cailyn, right before we left to go to my aunt's for Christmas lunch at the lake. I affectionately call her my third leg.
Carys & Melynda (Chad's sister). She may kill me for putting a picture up of her - but I think it's a good picture.
Seriously. That's a lot of Christmas decorations! We pulled over and snapped a pic, of course. I wonder how many Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse & snow globe inflatables were in this yard? And how long does it take to accumulate a collection like this? I really hope they bought them a post-holiday sale. Those things are 'spensive!
I am pretty sure this is the only decent picture I took of the girls together on Christmas day. They didn't want to cooperate - and I was trying to play with them and talk to everyone, so I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would.

This is Cailyn, my mom & my grandmother (aka my Gramaine).


Cheesy Carys, giving me a supermodel pose
Memaw & two of her granddaughters - Carys & Haille (Melynda's daughter).

Merry Christmas on the lake! It wasn't too cold, so the girls went out to see the ducks & geese, find some freshwater clam shells & just be outside. It was so beautiful.

My dandelion girl at the lake. The warm weather we've had must have the flowers confused. She had a ball picking them yesterday though. Everywhere she looked, "Flow-uh! Flow-uh! Pretty pretty pretty!"


Aunt Carmen & Uncle Robby said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! I loved all the family pictures. We have tons of snow on the ground here so it's nice to see how pretty and green it is back home. I know the girls enjoyed running around and playing by the lake.It's those kinds of Christmas memories that will stay with you forever! Have a great New Years!

Mwf said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I so know what you mean about the gifts - we got the kids wayyyy too much. They would have been happy with the two big items they got.

Your mom looks SO young! If you hadn't said who it was I would have thought it was your sister! She's beautiful!

Meg said...

ummm...that mwf above was supposed to say meg :)

Brenda said...

That first picture of Carys is great, I just love that hair--because I don't have to comb it ;-) and the picture with Caitlyn, Gramaine and your mom, I think your mom resembles Bree. Glad Santa was good to the girls. Happy New Years

Brenda said...

sorry I mispelled CAILYN

Amanda said...

I love Cailyn's tryke! It's adorable. Looks like the Lanford's had a great Christmas. said...

Cute pictures of your girls! I know what you mean about trying to get a good 'group' to impossible! Sounds like ya'll had a great Christmas. Hope you have a happy New Year!