Friday, December 14, 2007

Is it really mid-December?!?!?

We met with Dr. Reilly, Chad's radiology oncologist yesterday. He was excellent - very thorough and very thoughtful. He walked us through the radiology treatments, and then told us something we've been wanting to hear: "I think there's a clinical trial you might qualify for..."
It's actually in Winston-Salem, so we will really have to evaluate it when/if we qualify.

So, for right now, all treatment is on hold. Clinical trials are best when there is no other treatment (chemo/radiation) -- your body needs to be in its most natural state, I suppose. We should hear about the clinical trial early next week.
If we decide not to go to Winston, we will pursue treatment in Raleigh. Chemo, in a pill as a planned, and radiation five days a week for 6-10 weeks.

In other news....
Imagine our surprise when Carys announces from the bathroom, "Mommy! Daddy! My Sissy is on the potty!"
We walk down the hall, not exactly sure what we'll find there. But Cailyn has removed her pants. And her diaper. And is cautiously perched on top of the training pot. Silly girl. She doesn't do anything, but she's very interested in pottying right now.
I'm hoping that her potty-training experience will be easier on us that Carys'. In hindsight, Carys trained pretty well. It's me that needed training in potty-training, I suppose. It's the hardest thing we've ever done as parents, to this point in our lives anyway.

Since Carys has turned four, I am bound & determined to teach her to wipe. ALL BY HERSELF. It never fails -- as soon as I get a comfy spot on the couch, or pour a nice cup of coffee, I hear, "MOMMY!!!!! I need HELP!" It's my duty I suppose. But I am growing quite weary of booty-wiping duty.
(Oh I can't believe I just typed that. I forget that Chad's co-workers read my blog now...uh-oh!)

And, for my family members who are probably wondering, I finally made my Christmas cards last night. I will be picking them up today & you should have them soon. Why did it take so long, you ask?
Well...I tried in vain for a few weeks to get the perfect shot of the girls for the annual Christmas card. And then I needed a shot of all four of us. And that's next to impossible to get. So please disregard the lens flare on my head in our family picture. And the sinister look on Carys' face as she lovingly strangles her sister in their picture.

Here are a few pictures that didn't quite make the cut. And here is Carys, blowing out her candles last weekend.

Have a great weekend!


Aunt Carmen & Uncle Robby said...

So excited about your encouraging news concerning Chad's treatment.We hope all continues to go well for you all. Those girls always make us smile!! You have such a teriffic family!

Kate said...

If you figure out how to get Carys to do her own booty wiping and GET IT ALL CLEANED UP, pretty please invite me and Lilly over for a crash course in how it's done! Like you, I feel like every time I just about get comfy on the couch there is a butt in need of wiping!

Brandy said...

Good luck in the hiney wiping department. WTG Cailyn on liking the potty chair! Thats the first step.
We got your card yesterday. That was pretty fast :)