Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Month Wiser

I find it hard to believe that Chad had a craniotomy one month ago. It seems like yesterday. He's doing very well - and I don't think you would even know he had surgery a month ago if you didn't already know.
People have been shocked that he's out & about, that his hair has grown back so fast & that he's ready to go back to work. So, here's a 1-month follow-up picture so you don't have that nasty, scary, too real staple-head photo in the back of your mind.

We have appointments in January at Baptist Hospital (formerly Bowman-Gray). We're told the first round of appointments are for more testing - blahblahblah. We're tired of testing! We want to start something!!! We should know about our trial options around the end of next month. We were concerned that we were waiting too long to start treatment, but our radiology oncologist assures us that a few more weeks won't hurt anything. We're anxious to get started though, and start this new journey.
It's been a month. You would think we would have some answers. But we really don't. I don't know that we ever will. That's probably the hardest part to swallow - just not knowing. The chemo pill was approved by insurance - that's great news. He just can't take it until we decide if he'll be participating in a study. More waiting. More patience.

There are so many pictures I've been meaning to post...but I rarely get around to it, of course.
Here are a few of my faves over the past couple of weeks.

Carys' school picture from the Fall. The photographer did a great job capturing her smile. That little goober always cheeses in photos and I always get something silly - with her eyes closed, and some strange pseudo-smile. This is her smile - and I am so glad he captured it for me! My dimple girl.
Of course we went to see Santa. If you know Carys, you know she is very outgoing. She's never met a stranger. It usually takes her about 2.5 seconds to warm up to someone. Santa, bless his heart, didn't make the cut for some reason. We have talked about him for a while & she seemed excited to see him at Meadow. But, after standing in line for way too long, she freaked out. I was NOT happy.
Surprisingly, Cailyn -- who is normally extremely timid, wanted to see Santa. She didn't want him to hold her or talk to her though. Baby steps.
So, I sat with Santa, and Cailyn sat on my lap.

The family picture we took for our Christmas card during the Meadow adventure.
I used it despite the flashback. It would have been a
good picture -- if I didn't have light exploding from my eye. Or if Cailyn was looking at the camera. Or if Carys didn't have a really odd expression on her face. Oh. Well.

Carys cried & cried when we left because she didn't tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas. So off we went to Wal-Mart the following day to see Santa there. (Geesh, he's a busy man!)
Again, Carys freaked. Cailyn loved it! Carys did get a photo with Mrs. Claus. I guess that will have to do.

The second time Cailyn (and I) saw Santa.

Carys, posing for me in front of the Cranford's gorgeous tree.

Cailyn, playing with her cousin Haille. Not a great picture, but I'm sure you can tell that I have my hands full. 18 months old, but wants to be a big girl like Carys & Haille. She tries, and she usually ends up in tears. I don't want her to rush it!
And today...
Cailyn was playing, which means she was digging through the kitchen trashcan, unfortunately. That child throws so much un-trash stuff away, so I'm always looking through it. I guess she thinks it's a game.
She found an Orbitz box (sweet mint flavor - yummy!) and a discarded bow. She played with them briefly, and then fell asleep like this.
It's amazing what will hold their attention at this age. An empty gum box and a bow. She absolutely exhausted herself with those two things from the garbage can. (I'll have to let Santa know - he'll save a lot of time & money if he knew that tidbit!)
Just look at that little sweet face. I just want to kiss those little cheeks!
My little angel baby. Growing up way too fast on me. I cannot believe she was a 6-month-old baby last Christmas. Why can't they stay little just a bit longer?


emily said...

Your posting better than I am these days. Look at all those pics! Awe, Cailyn. I forget that she is only a few months older than my baby. I still picture my own as an itty bitty, but she isn't either. That last pic reminds me that Cailyn is still little too. So sweet!

Aunt Carmen & Uncle Robby said...

Those girls are just too precious!The one of Cailyn with her trash treasures is priceless! Chad looks wonderful too! Have a wonderful Christmas! We love You!!

Sip said...

i think the family pic is great! it captures the personalities of the little ones :) you look great too! and the one of cailyn sleeping was hilarious. there are some days where i think i fall asleep on the couch like that - j/k - lol - bottoms up...

Amanda said...

Amen to staying younger just a little bit longer. I read your blog always shacking my head the entire time in agreement...not believe that Carson was 6 months old last Christmas, and him wanting to always be right in the middle of things with his big brother and cousin and me feeling like you not wanting him to rush things....we are so right there on the same page with our babies. It's really neat. I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas.

Brandy said...

Lol about Cailyn in the trash. Darcy seems to think there is neat stuff too, or the possibility that I threw away perfectly good food.
Carys is so photogenic. Even her posey smiles are cute.
And those last ones of Cailyn sleeping are so precious!

Nana said...

'Scuse me for using your blog as personal email, Skye, but hey....Aunt Carmen.....Carys got your eyes!!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...



Lchorba said...

That last pic of Cailyn is just angelic. Love it! Hugs. I know all about the waiting (unfortunately). It is maddening. Please know I am here for you - call me if you want.

Amanda said...

So mant excellant pictures Skye,keep them coming.
Glad that Chad is feeling well and his hair is back!
Carys's school picture turned out great. You never know what you're gonna get when you are not there to witness it all.

Nikki said...

I just love all the pics! That's a great pic of you w/Santa! Tony always had a goofy grin or a silly smile in his schools pics. I'm glad you got a good one! Too, too precious!