Friday, January 18, 2008

No more babies in this house

I did it.
I took down the crib.

It's weird not to have a "nursery" any more. Granted, I haven't called it a nursery since I was 2 weeks post-partum...but still. It's my baby's nursery.

Chad got the wild hair to put the toddler bed in Cailyn's room a few months ago. I gave in. And we had both, the crib & the toddler bed, to help Cailyn ease into the transition. She loved the toddler bed though, and her nights in the crib became less & less frequent.
She giggles & looks so proud when you ask her if she has a big girl bed.

The problem? She can get up & come into our room 25 times in the middle of the night if she pleases. And she does. A lot. And frankly, we're too tired to take her back to her room. So I sleep peacefully, holding a tiny little wanna-be big girl. And Chad sleeps not so comfortably with a not so tiny little wanna-be big girl's feet lodged in his ribcage.

So, I guess the baby phase is over in the Lanford house.
At least until Carys gets her way. And then we'll have a baby kitty.


Aunt Carmen said...

Your babies are quickly becoming young girls! Don't you wonder where the time goes? Enjoy each phase to the fullest cause they will be teens before you know it! I can't wait to read the blog entries then! Ha! Ha!

nikki said...

they will always be your babies...and i agree w/aunt carmen...i can't wait to read the teenage blogs either! :)

Amanda said...

Awww Skye...I'm just about to boohoo here reading this...I'm not ready to get rid of the crib in the Furr house for the exact reason you stated in your's so neat that we are in the same stages with our little ones...Carson says mine all the time too like you said in your previous blog. I love keeping up with you guys. I'm so glad Nikki sorta introduced us through blogging.

Brandy said...

Aww, how sad is it that we still haven't taken down the crib just changed it a little.
Glad the transition was easy.

Amanda said...

We took down the cribs a while ago and I think I am more sad now than I was then!