Monday, February 18, 2008

My beautiful little beauties

Carys is such a little comedian. She makes up random knock-knock jokes (that are usually not funny at all, but we giggle anyway. We kinda have to. Parenting rule #302).

Carys: Knock-knock?
Us: Who's there?
Carys: Banana.
Us: Banana who?
Carys: Banana...PANTS!

I swear, it gets funnier every time I hear it. Banana pants. Now that's classic humor. She's even Cailyn in on it. But all she says is "Knock-knock!" repeatedly. And Cailyn. Whoa! She's going to be T-W-O before we know it. The Terrible Twos are starting a tad bit early, but Cailyn is eat up with it. Everything is "MINE! NO! MINE!!!!!!", complete with leg-and-arm-flailing temper tanturms, pouting & ear-piercing screams.
She's so sweet in this picture though. You would hardly believe she can be a typical almost-two-year-old.


Amanda said...

We are right there with you and the early terrible twos....the mines and mes and

Sip said...

she looks like a little angel in that last picture :) your girls are growing up so fast!

Christine said...

They are beautiful!!! The knock knock jokes are flyin' around here too...soooo NOT funny but yet, hysterical ;)

nik said...

too cute!

Brandy said...

We get a lot of Banana
This age is so funny.