Monday, April 14, 2008

April is a busy month!

We've had several birthdays this month - lots of fun!
We were supposed to attend a party for sweet Landon on Saturday - but I goofed up the time and we missed it. We're so sorry, buddy! I felt absolutely terrible about it - and the girls were so excited.
Here's a little ditty, just for you, big boy! (And by the way - Carys was really singing, I'm just louder than her...hard to imagine, I know!)

Happy, happy 3rd birthday Landon!

And we went to a party Sunday -- you'll be proud that I didn't miss the time on this one!
Happy 4th birthday, FAITH!

I've snapped a few pictures in the last week or so. We have this tree in the front yard that I LOVE. The girls love it too - they think they're pretty cool when they can "climb" it. Actually, they just kind of stand in it...but it makes them happy. Chad would probably like to cut it down, but I will have to protest.


~NiK~ said...

Yippee!! New pics...I agree w/you...that tree is a keeper!! :)

Anonymous said...

The tree is definitely a keeper until the branches start rotting and I cut it down. It is a silver maple that has had its share of damage over the years. This damage has created the trees very unique trunk which is comprised of many trunks. I'm content to let it be for now, other than shaping it to allow my privette bushes to grow.


Emily said...

Awe, now wasn't that sweet singing. You all sounded lovely. Cailyn's ending ditty was the best part.

I had a multi trucked tree when I was little, totally forgot about that magically tree. They are magic to kids you know. I hope it survives.

Aunt Carmen said...

What a cute Birthday song. Cailyn was really getting into it! Skye, I don't know if you remember but I'm sure your mom will,Great Grandma Barnes had a wonderful, giant old tree that supplied many hours of imaginative fun around those old roots and branches.Those memories are the best and I'm sure your girls will remember their special tree just as fondly.

Nana said...

I certainly do remember, Aunt Carmen! Skye - protest for the environmental impact AND the memories; Chad - Do I have to move in to protect that poor tree?!?!

The birthday song was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I'm not cutting the tree down. I don't know why Skye said that. I am simply pruning to prevent damage to the house and let sunshine reach the other bushes.


Nana said...

I hear you, Chad. You like climbing that tree, too!