Sunday, June 1, 2008

And so it ends

This weekend was very busy for us.
Friday evening, two of the Jones girls (Ms. Carla & "Faifey"), Carys & I packed up the van and headed to a Little People's Retreat at Camp Dixie.
The girls had a blast, even though Carys & I had to duck out early on Saturday. Carys has reminded me several times that she was not happy about leaving early! I've had to promise that we will not leave early next year...and I'm sure she'll hold me to it.

On Saturday afternoon, my grandmother's family & friends gathered at the family cemetery in Buckhorn for her memorial service. It was beautiful. Very fitting for her too, I think. It was pretty simple, but packed full of the things she would have loved: a gospel group from a neighboring church, loving family & friends, well-spoken words from loved ones, and treasured stories and memories from her life as a mother, grandmother, friend, sister and teacher.

Afterwards, we all gathered at Candy & Wayne's house for dinner and a lakeside toast at sunset.

There was a table set up inside with some of Gramaine's items - her glasses and photos. It was so strange to see her life displayed in just a few items on a table.
But that's all we are, after all. Things we leave behind, moments frozen in time that people will forever remember us by.

She left us all a lot of love.
She gave us an amazing family that is always there for each other.
She left a lot of wonderful memories we'll treasure forever.
She left a legacy of love and laughter.
And of course, she left a void that can never be filled.

We've all commented that it still doesn't seem real. Despite the fact that we were all still seems like she's just on vacation or something. I think the end of this weekend will help us with closure. At least, I hope it will help us start the process.

Today, there was a monument dedication at "her" school in Hope Mills - Rockfish Elementary. I'm told it was beautiful and very special. I'm sure it was.
I hate that we missed it today.

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Nana said...

It was all very beautiful, and just what she wanted. The memorial cards you designed were so special and we all appreciate what you did. Gramaine would have been so honored that her 7th child, YOU, created such a beautiful goodbye for her. I love you!