Monday, June 9, 2008

Cailyn's big weekend!

Shannon had Bradon last week. I've seen pictures & he is just gorgeous. Congratulations Shannon, Todd & Big Brother Landon!!!

We had so much fun this weekend!

Chad had to go to Greensboro for work, and we all tagged along to enjoy some fun at the pool at the hotel. We also took the girls to Emerald Pointe & then to the Zoo yesterday. We stayed at Hyatt Place for the first time. I highly recommend it!

It was hot. We were exhausted. But we had a blast!
I didn't snap any pictures of the pool or water park - I didn't have time! The girls were so excited & were everywhere all at once. But here is a picture of the aftermath - Cailyn zonked out. She was exhausted after Emerald Pointe! She was watching Night at the Museum and could barely keep her eyes open.

We've been promising Cailyn we'd go to the Zoo for her birthday. Then we saw it was going to be a HOT day...and we still went.

The Jones family joined us, as well as Memaw, Poppi, Nana & Brandon.
We had a picnic lunch, cupcakes, opened presents & then saw as many animals as we could before we got too tired & sweaty to see any more.
It was a great weekend for my birthday girl -- but it was good to be home & sleep in our own beds last night.

Here's Cailyn, with Maisy of course. Maisy got a new wardrobe for Cailyn's birthday - she was so excited to see the little dresses and ballet tutus. Maisy is a very well-dressed mouse!
Chad & the girls at the elephant exhibit.
Carys & I at the Flamingo exhibit - one of my favorites! I love the 'mingoes.
Cailyn, pretty. And pretty tired.
Cailyn's birthday is this Wednesday - so more pictures of her big celebration to come! Have a great week!!!

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