Monday, June 30, 2008

Singin' in the Rain

Mommy, can we go outside?

Me: Well, it's getting ready to rain.

Carys: So.....

Me: You're right! Sooooo.........

The last time I checked, a little rain can't really hurt anyone.

And this is the wet mess that ensued.
Jumping like her little life depended on it! They had so much fun!
Cailyn thought I was crazy at first. She kept asking me if it was okay if she got wet. After I jumped & splashed a bit, she joined us. Cailyn, trying to do a flip in the puddle. I hate to inform you, but she wasn't successful. She got too scared, so just stood there, bent over, for a while.
Something about picking tiny pebbles and blowing water out of her nose didn't sound quite as fun as when she first got the idea, I guess.

And I'm happy to report that Chad has completed yet another round of chemo.
The start of Round Six (6) wasn't so much fun. He was trying a different anti-nausea drug, since the original medication (Kytril) gave him some nasty headaches.
Let's just say that the headaches are much better than staring at the inside of a toilet all night. We quickly checked Compazine off our Rx list. The rest of the week went pretty much like every other chemo week. It seems that the effects are lingering a bit longer as the rounds go on. Like today....his last dose was Friday night, but he's still feeling really tired & nauseous today. He should be feeling much better by tomorrow, if past rounds are an indicator.
So, just one more round before the next MRI in August -- start the countdown, please!

Oh, and before I forget, Cailyn is turning into quite the nature diva. She found a box turtle yesterday in our yard. Carys & I didn't even see it - and it was right by our feet. Cailyn was so excited & wanted to put it in with the other turtles. Of course we did - so now we have three: Pumpkin, Tuck, and Girl (the newest member with the most imaginative name).
Tonight, I happened to see Girl making a nest and getting ready for EGGS!!!!! We are going to have turtle babies in September. Woo Hoo! What a fun facet of nature for the girls to see!!


Nana said...

Summertime fun right in your own backyard! Who needs a vacation?!

Way to go, Chad.....the end is in sight!

Amanda said...

Baby turtles!?!! Awesome for your girls. I have done my job of my girls screaming when a bug or unknowm creature comes near;-)

Aunt Carmen said...

Who needs a water Park? Looks like a good time was had by all!
Hang in there Chad! I hope you feel better today!

Emily said...

That top pic is so cute of Carys! I love it that she is all wet. So much fun. Good luck with turtle babies. I bet those will be cute!

Brandy said...

They both look so cute jumping in the puddles with their matching shoes!
Carys looks like she had a blast. I love the wet butt.
Chad, your almost there! I hope the new med's help with the nausea.

Congrat's on the new soon to be momma turtle!

amber said...

We play in the rain all the time in the summer here. The girls LOVE it.

Hope Chad feels better soon.