Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Too much peoples, Mommy."

This week, Carys has been going to Vacation Bible School for a few hours.
So I've had some one-on-one time with Cailyn.

I thought she would be thrilled to go play at McDonald's.
She was ecstatic to be alone on the playground; taking her time to navigate the tunnels and scream to her heart's content (knowing the little voice she heard echo was her own, I guess).

After 10 minutes of alone time, in walks a buttload of other kiddos.
And her fun was over.

She came & sat with me, and said she wanted to leave.
I asked why.
"Too much peoples, Mommy."
Then she told me all about the boys who were in the slide playing, and "boys are so loud!".

Bless her little anti-social heart.

I should rephrase that. She's not anti-social. She likes to spy at new people. From a distance. And usually that distance involves her being attached to my leg, arm, hip, shoelace. You get the picture.

I've been proud of her for making an effort to talk to new people. She randomly hugs little girls when we're out & about, especially if she likes what they're wearing. She complimented a little girl's pwetty wadybug dwess in Michael's last night, much to my surprise. And then doled out hugs. And kisses.
While I'm not too keen on the doling out of affections to strangers, it does her good. So I follow her lead, and let her do what feels comfortable to her.

It's just so surprising to me to have two little kids on the most extreme ends of the spectrum. Carys has never met a stranger. I think she would go home with anyone that promised her candy. Not such a good thing, but that's why I keep her at arm's length while we're out & about.
Carys makes friends easily, and everyone is her best friend. Instantly.
Cailyn. Well, she's just not as outgoing.

It cracks me up when she tells me there are too many people and she wants to go home. She tells me she will live with us forever, and sleep in Sissy's bed forever.
I'm sure that will change. But for now, it's sweet. She's still got some babyness to her.
Even though she's quick to prove to you that she's a big girl.

A big girl that refuses to go potty. But that's another post all in itself.


Brandy said...

Aww, Cailyn is looking so grown up. Darcy likes alot of people, especially kids, as long as there are no men. She freaks out.
Good luck with the potty training. She is still little.

Amanda said...

Kiera is the big scardy cat in my house. She is afraid of everything and anything.
Wow Cailyns hair got so long!! The new cut looks so cute.