Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes, Carys, turtles go to Heaven

After dinner, the girls & I went outside. It rained all day yesterday, so we didn't get out - and Carys was itchin' to see her turtle buddies in the backyard.

We have had three (and a half) box turtles:
Tuck - the smallest and the first of Carys' collection,
Pumpkin - about the size of most box turtle you find,
Girl - same size as Pumpkin.
The 1/2 a turtle refers to the egg that Girl laid. I found the shell empty. Not sure if it's still hiding, or if something go it.

Anyway, we go outside.
We quickly find Pumpkin & Girl tonight, like always. They don't bother hiding like Tuck does.
Pumpkin was pretty friendly - he would let the girls pick him up with out retreating to his shell.

Something happened to him.
I'm not sure what happened, exactly. I saw that his shell was open, and his legs and body were there. But not his little head.

Man, it's been hot. So you can imagine the, um, smell.

Poor Carys was about to see it, so I picked it up (GROSS!GROSS!GROSS!) and quickly took him to the woods. I told her that Pumpkin had passed away, but really didn't want her to see that. I didn't want to see it either. GROSS!

The things we do as mothers.
Scratch that.
The GROSS! things we do as mothers.

Carys is okay, but understandably sad. She has been asking me random questions tonight, and wants to make sure that the other turtles aren't too lonely.

Carys: Mommy! We have to find another turtle RIGHT now so my other turtles will have a family! They don't have a daddy turtle anymore!
Me: Well, you can't just go find turtles. It's pretty special when you find one. It's...lucky.
Carys: Well, get lucky then!

Carys: If Punkin died, Mommy, is he in Heaven?
Me: Yes, I suppose so.

Carys: Good.
Me: Yeah, I bet he's happy there. Lots of earthworms. And fun turtle things.
Carys: Yeah....and Grammy. Grammy will take good care of Punkin.

Oh, I bet she will, too.

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