Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nothing to report

So Chad went in for his little experiment yesterday, but wasn't able to produce any seizure activity.
While it would be nice to know what section of his brain are propagating the activity, I was put at ease that he didn't actually have a seizure. A little contradictory, I know.
In an event, he was able to take it easy for about 45 minutes while they conducted the EEG - and I can attest that the sleep lab is awesome. Comfy, comfy beds, all decked out like a 5-star hotel. You would never know that you were in a controlled environment if you didn't hear a woman's voice come thru the walls every few minutes.

He was pretty tired today, and we're not sure why, exactly. Could be the fact that he starts chemo this weekend again, and he subconsciously knows he needs to rest up. Could be the fact that he was a little excited yesterday to do the EEG - and had to be sleep-deprived for it. Could be the fact that I slipped some horse tranquilizers into his meatloaf.
Kidding. I'm kidding!

In other news, Carys is enjoying school more & more. She had two new little girls come into her class this week. She was so excited to see new faces & immediately invited them to spend the night at our house. Then she invited herself to spend the night at their houses.
I swear...that girl! She is so funny & outgoing.
I know the sleep-over days are coming soon. She can't stop talking about it. I don't know if I'm ready for any sleepovers yet.

Cailyn is doing well. She is pretty consistent using the potty at home, and usually tells me that she has to go when we're out in public. Still wears a pull-up most of the time, unless we're hanging out at home.
I'll be so glad when potty-training is done.

The Clayton Harvest Festival is this weekend, so I think we may try to go for a bit. We've missed it the last few years, so Carys is especially excited that we'll get to go this weekend.

No big news going on here. Same old stuff.
Hope you're all having a great week!

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Rachael said...

:-) Funny how we start to find humor in the "inability" to produce "seizure activity," isn't it? I am so glad things are well -we pray for your family everyday.

And I am SO goin' with the SOOOOOTHING bedding. Can you come paint my whole house green?r