Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Round 10 & lots o' pictures

Well, please excuse my lack of posting. I keep meaning to post a few things here & there, but I forget. Story of my life....

Chad finished Round 10 of chemo last week. We thought the round was going pretty well, pretty uneventful. But then he just got nauseated - more than normal. He was so sick to his stomach that he couldn't bear to take his final dose. So, he only took 4 doses this time around.
I remember how miserable extreme nausea can be - to the point where you wish you could just puke and get on with it. Nausea is a terrible feeling. Imagine that, with stomach pains, headaches, extreme fatigue (but you can't go to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time), a constant metallic taste in your mouth, and I think you might begin to understand why Chad may discontinue chemo. At least for a bit.

He has an MRI next week (Monday). If there is no change, he's probably going to stop, at least for 3 months. Then, with the next MRI and no chemo, we'll know if it's having an effect on the tumors. We don't know if the tumors are really being stunted by the chemo. So, we have to find out.

He's doing well though. Thanks for the continued prayers and positive thoughts.

Here's a glimpse as to what we've been up to for the last week or so.

Here we are at the Barnes Farm. My Great-Granny lived in this house until she passed away when I was about 5. I have so many memories of playing there, family reunions...I am so glad that I have a picture of us there. We can no longer go inside, but the girls thought it was pretty neat that my Grandma & their Nana (my mom) were at this house when they were little girls.
My mom (Nana), and the fabulous Lanford girls! A lifelong fear of snakes was born on those very steps. HUGE corn snakes would frequently sun themselves on those steps and I was usually the one to find them. Once, I thought one was a stick and tried to pick it up...until it wriggled in my hand and I freaked.out. Big time.
This is most of our family (from my mom's side), minus a few people. We missed you, Carmen, Sandy & Susie! Chad sacrificed his face time and took a picture of all of us. Definitely a keeper. (The picture - and the husband.)

Last weekend, Chad & I took the girls to see Disney on Ice. They were so excited! I don't have very many good pictures of them from the event because the lighting was weird - but we had fun, so that's all that matters.Carys, watching the show.And Cailyn, too!
After the show, we introduced our little ladies to Waffle House -- because you know, those concessions are SO expensive at the Coliseum. We paid $10 for ONE bag of cotton candy. That was gone in less than 5 minutes between all of us. But it did come with a hat...that the kids could care less about.
Seriously...Carys thought Waffle House was pretty special. Evidently, when her teacher asked her what she did this weekend, she told the entire class about her trip to Waffle House. Not a word about Disney on Ice. Just Waffle House.And then last night, Chad & I dropped the girls off with my dad and went to the McCain rally in Fayetteville. It was definitely a memorable experience. We stood on the floor, about 10 "rows" back from the platform. (I say "rows" because it was just a jumble of people, no seats or lines. But we weren't far at all)
This is election is going to be historical, no matter how it shakes out, and we were pretty excited to be there.
We voted last week, and I'm so glad we did. I can't imagine the lines on November 4th -- they were pretty long last week!

Tomorrow, Carys has a school field trip to CiCi's Pizza of all places. They get to make their own pizza, so they will have fun. But goodness, I wish they were going to the pumpkin patch like last year.
And then Friday is Halloween. Lots of pictures from that, I assure you.
Carys is ... well, I'll let the girls' costumes be a surprise. And no, she's not going as a Waffle House waitress...maybe next year!


Sip said...

way cool. the family pics at the old house are neat...a couple years ago i got to take some pics in Germany in front of what was my great-grandfather's boyhood home. we couldn't go in but it was neat to see...

i can't believe going to CiCi's is a field trip??? what ever happened to, well, i can't remember where we went at that age...waffle house maybe? j/k

Rachael said...

THe picture of the whole family is beautiful! My great-grandmother's house is about to be torn down for a new neighborhood - I can't COUNT the pictures we've made there...

Bob said...