Monday, November 17, 2008

the Monday duldrums & some advertising

Monday again. Already?
I don't know where the weekend went.

Friday night, we went to see some of my favorite people for dinner. A childhood friend was in town, so a bunch of us got together for some tasty Mexican. It was so much fun to see everyone, and their kids! Good times with good friends. What could be better than that?

Saturday was spent grocery shopping (my least favorite activity to do with two children in tow, in case you were wondering), playing with the girls & wondering what we're going to do for Carys' birthday in a few weeks.

Yesterday was a glorious lazy day. Carys didn't even get dressed yesterday. That child would live in her pajamas if I would let her. She's already asking when her preschool is having pajama day this's her favorite theme day, be far.

Today is back to normal. Got some cleaning to do. Some clothes to wash. Some children to snuggle.

And then tomorrow starts another fast-paced week of driving Carys to school and keeping Cailyn entertained while we've got some alone time.

And before I forget, please let me know if you'll be ordering Holiday cards from me this year.
Here is a sideshow of the Holiday Collection, and remember that all work is as custom as you want it to be.

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