Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Not a baby anymore!"

So, Cailyn has a new phrase - "I not a baby anymore, Mommy! I BIG!"


Geesh, I hope the cosmic forces of the potty-training universe don't get me for saying that out loud.

We've been working on it for a while. Months. She was ready, but so stubborn...
She was still pooping in her panties and that is not my thing. Yuck!
This week, we were watching Jon & Kate Plus Eight, and there was a part where one of the big boys was sitting on the potty. Kate as telling him that he didn't want to be the only boy in diapers - he wanted to be a big boy!
So, Cailyn really took this to heart. I've been trying to get her to trade in her diapers for big girl pants for a while now -- but it finally just clicked when she saw and heard that show. Crazy.

She is doing SO well. The only accidents have been from not being able to get to the potty in time. She's only wearing a dipe at bedtime - and she's poo'ing in the potty! I am so glad to be done with changing nasty diapers!

Carys was fully trained shortly before she turned three, and Cailyn is not quite two-and-a-half yet.

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Emily said...

Congrats Cailyn! WTG!!

Sometimes posting their success does backfire, as it did for me. We're in a downward slump right now. Hopefully Cailyn can stick with it!