Thursday, January 8, 2009

Picassos in Training

Slow news days from the Lanford Chateau the last few days. We're back to boring, normal, daily routines. Sheesh.

Cailyn has turned into a big girl recently. I'm not sure how it happened, but I suppose a few good night's sleep helped! I should also take this moment to brag on her potty-training success. She's been day trained for a few months now - it's been fantastic! She still has the night-time diapers, but I will not complain about that at all. I've never been happier to hear the potty flushing, believe me!

She announced to me that she could draw circles, and I thought she was crazy. But she really did draw a circle. And then a rectangle. And attempted a triangle - but it had more curves than a triangle is technically supposed to have.

I think she doesn't pay attention, but she does - she's just TWO and doesn't want me to know she's actually absorbing anything I teach her. (Sounds like some other little girl I know...)

She asked me to draw "an empty cat", which means she just wanted an outline to decorate. A little Picasso indeed, with asymmetrical eyes and unevenly spaced whiskers.
She told me it was a nice cat, so that's why she didn't draw any teeth. Funny girl.

My CareBear loves to draw, but she just slops some marker down and calls it a masterpiece. I've been practicing with her the last few days, and she's getting a bit better.

The next time you see Carys, by the way, tell her how beautiful her hair is when it's straight! I love her curls, but they are such a pain. It's so much easier for me to handle when I am not fighting with the tangle fairy and listening to Carys cry about how I'm hurting her noggin.

I will be so thankful when she is old enough to care for her curls all by herself. I let her manage her hair for a few days by herself, and it wasn't pretty. I don't think she even brushed it during that time, and I finally had to take over the reigns again when I saw a bat fly into it's new nest atop her head.

Have a good afternoon - Friday Feast ala Mexicana tomorrow!


Carla said...

It is amazing to watch these budding artists blossom. Faith cries at night because she misses Carys...oh how I miss the long days outside at night in the summertime! We need a playday soon!

Brandy said...

What little arteests you have!

Turnip greens? I guess I get in the mood for something different every now and then too.