Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twelve hours of silent slumber

Cailyn A child who shall remain nameless, in hopes to not jinx myself of a repeat schedule tonight, didn't fight bedtime last night - believe it or not.

Fortunately, I discovered that keeping her insanely busy all day so she skips her midday nap helps greatly.

Unfortunately, skipping her midday nap does not help her mood around 7:30pm.
She started to fall asleep at 6, so we then proceeded to play CandyLand about 13 times. And then we drew pictures. And then they took a bath. Ah. 8pm before I knew it!!!

Fortunately, bedtime is at 8pm.
I can handle a little 'tude for thirty minutes if it means I get twelve glorious hours of her sleeping IN HER OWN bed in return.

Wonderful, glorious, not-being-kicked-in-the-head-all-night, no-monster-chasing, no-multiple-potty-break, no-tears-for-hours-for-no-good-reason sleep!!!!


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Hooray for the entire household!