Saturday, August 26, 2006

random pictures i forgot to add earlier...

more from the Cotton Exchange. Some kind of scale I guess - I have no idea what it is :)
I DO know that Carys' belly is hanging out over her skirt. Hee Hee. I just love tubby toddler bellies!

My serious Cailyn...

Carys in the hotel room this week. Her new favorite past time is peeling the paper off crayons. It drives me insane. She never even touches her coloring books. Just peels the paper off. And snaps a few crayons in half. Then calls it a day.

Carys was feeding the seagulls and Pigeons under the pier. The birds haven't figured out that Carys is getting ready to handfeed them a real "sand"-wich. :)
And RIP to the little green shovel. It was lost at the beach.

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