Saturday, August 26, 2006

Cailyn's first beach trip (and Carys' 2nd...)

Chad & Carys coming back in from the water.

Just hanging out & waiting for the SPF 60 to sink into the girls' fair skin.

My smiley girl :)
The sticker on her shoulder is a sunburn warning sticker - I bought them last year, but forgot about them. They are pretty cool - change colors when the kids get too much sun.

Getting ready for Cailyn's first trip into the Atlantic Ocean at Wrightsville Beach.
No pictures of the great event...Chad had to stay with out blanket and belongings.
Cailyn liked the water until the waves came up - the water hit her belly & that was the end of our wading experience. Maybe she'll enjoy it more next summer when she can actually play in the water!

Yeah. She's a beach bum already.

Not a beach picture - just a cutie. I could gobble her up!

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