Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's naptime

But you wouldn't know it. Carys won't take a me!!!

We're having quiet time right now, and I hope it turns into naptime for her soon. She can be such a bear when she doesn't have a nap every day.

And I have a lot to do...
- laundry
- cleaning
- work

It's been a good day though. I caught up with some more old friends - which is great. And I got a little work done while Carys was coloring.

Carys is on a dentist kick all of a sudden. She asked me if she could go to the dentist. I don't think she really knows what goes on a dentist's office. ;)
But she wouldn't leave it alone until I told her she could go with Chad or I the next time we go. (I doubt she'll want to go once she realizes she has to sit still while someone looks into her mouth.)
I think she thinks it's going to be cool - like the dentist scenes in Finding Nemo.

Yea, going to the dentist is not cool like that. And fish don't really talk.
She'll find this all out on her own, eventually.

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