Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I did it. I broke down.

Some of you are going to be disappointed in me. And that's okay.
But I finally broke down & did it.
I joined MySpace.
I know, I know.
We've talked about it. We thought it was evil. It made us feel old because we obviously weren't cool enough to have a MS account already.

I never really thought so many people I knew would be there. I never really looked, actually. But then, a gentle push from "Shanny's Fannies in her Panties" (shout-out to you, cuz!), and I decided to try it out. So many of my friends from high school are on MySpace. And I'm so excited!

We have been out of high school for 9 years. Which means there is a little reunion on the horizon. Which also means that I gotta get my butt in gear & get all this pregnancy weight off. Yuck. Yuck. And yuck!

See this? It's nifty. It's a hanging cherry tomato plant. My fabulous Mother in Law gave it to me. And I haven't killed it yet. Pay no attention to the brown (read: dead) leaves at the bottom. (My thumb is nowhere close to green. I kill plants. That's all there is to it.)
But....you're probably wondering where the tomatoes are, right? Me too. There's one. ONE. Uno.
I didn't know that squirrels even likes tomatoes. But evidently, they adore tomatoes from my plant. Little jerks. Little tomato-loving jerks.

The squirrels in our neighborhood are insane. They steal vegetables, obviously. But they also like to chew up pine cones and throw the pieces at us. I kid you not. Whenever we are playing with the kids next door, we end up at the swing set. I guess Mr. FuzzyButt McSquirrel doesn't want us there. He proceeds to spitting out pieces of pine cones and launching them at us. Little jerk!

HeeHee. She's got her thug cap on. A purple flower thug cap. Thug Life 4 Eva.

I cannot believe that she is not afraid of toads. I highly doubt you can see it in the pic - but I assure you that poor toad was traumatized. Maybe I should have helped him escape. But I don't really like toads myself. And he didn't lose a leg or anything. I think.

Wow. This picture makes Carys look so big. She's growing up. Sigh.

She cracks me up every morning when I make coffee. She sees it/hears it/smells it. She gets so EXCITED & runs around the house, screaming "NANA, NANA, NANA HOME!". Because she thinks Nana is at our house. She calls coffee "Nana Juice" because, if you know my mother at all, you know that she has a continuous IV drip of coffee. I think she drinks like 3 pots a day.

It makes me chuckle every time Carys asks of I'm drinking Nana Juice. Silly kiddo, I tell ya.

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amber said...

Gosh, your girls are so gorgeous! Enjoy your myspace account. Let us know if you enjoy it...break the ground for people like me. :)