Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Our Day. a photo essay.

Carys woke up. Her backpack is mysteriously attached to her head.

Sidenote: I usually have a slipcover on the couch. But when the UPS man came, the dogs tried to attack him thru the window. Hence, there was dog hair all over the couch. And I can't stand dog hair! I'd shave these dogs if I could!We had "school" at 10am. Learned about "A". And apples, alligators, aardvarks, apes....

She now knows exactly one letter of the alphabet - "H". She could care less about "A".
Wow. Not a good picture. But Carys hugs her sister with such enthusiasm. And Cailyn looks like she's devising a plan to escape this nuthouse. (I'm coming with you kiddo!)
Playtime. She was knocking the toys back & forth. It's pretty funny to watch. She gets a serious look on her face as she concentrates on the toy. Then bats at it. Sometimes she misses. Today, she was victorious, as apparent with the blur in the right corner of the picture. She's a genius, I tell you!And wouldn't you know I had the wrong setting on the camera for this one. I kept it anyway. The sentiment is nice. I'll have to keep it & show them when they're teens. "See, girls, you really did like each other once..."

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