Thursday, September 28, 2006

A routine week. With routine photos.

Nothing new to report this week. No insane mommy stories.
We've been pretty lazy. And I needed that!
So, enjoy the pictures.
Chad snapped this yesterday before we went out to play. Silly girl.
My girls. They are so precious. We were all playing on the floor
last night before bed, and I could have just cried.
I hope they'll be close when they get older.
Carys loves Cailyn, and Cailyn just adores Carys.
Carys, telling our dogs it's "din-uh time!"
Sweet Cailyn
A sleeping baby. There is nothing sweeter.
I could stare at her sleeping for hours.

You can see her hair in this picture.
It's growing - and it's getting lighter.
I really think she's going to be a Blondie like her daddy.
Ready for bed
Three and a half months old.
(And flashing a gang sign. I swear, I told her to
stop hanging out with those bad kids down the street...)

My *almost* 3 year old.
I say it everyday. But I will repeat: Where does the time go?


Nikki said...

They are beautiful!! And growing so fast!

amber said...

I adore the picture of Carys next to the window. Great shot! They are growing up so stinkin' fast!