Monday, September 25, 2006

The reunion

We're back. We're tired.
We packed a lot of activities into this weekend. It was fun, and I'm glad we went. But I am really looking forward to a weekend that doesn't involve packing of any sort. No packing suitcases and no packing schedules. I already know we're planning another trip to the NC Mountains soon - and I can't wait for that. Carys will love it!

Okay - Chad's 10-year reunion was fun. We had a good time. We saw a lot of people we haven't talked to in a long time. It was good to catch up.
Friday night we drove to our hometown. It wasn't a bad trip. But not fun either. Poor Cailyn had her first cold. And she was miserable. She couldn't breathe. And every time I tried to give her any kind of medicine, she gave it back to me....I won't elaborate. Poor baby didn't sleep that night at all. And neither did we.
Here she is, finally sleeping for a bit Friday night. She passed out in my mother-in-law's lap and stayed there for a little while.
On Saturday, we attended a family picnic at a local park for all Chad's classmates. It was fun. Hotter than I though it would be. Carys had a blast. She played hard & was exhausted. She collapsed in her carseat as soon as we decided she'd had enough.
Here is Cai - enjoying Carys' fun from the sidelines. She was feeling much better on Saturday, thanks to the help of Dimetapp decongestant. She slept. A lot. (Saturday night was another story. Bless her heart. She screamed. And cried. And wouldn't eat. But Nana Nette had it all under control.)
Carys playing on the monkey bars. I had to wait for Chad to help her with this one - She's too heavy for me to life for more than a few minutes. More playing with daddy.Weeeeeeeee!

It's so rare that Chad & I get dressed up. I mean seriously rare. Especially since we have 2 kiddos. But it's nice to do every once & a while.
We were a little late - and thought people would surely be there by the time we got there. Nope. I have to say that the lack of attendees was the most disappointing part of the whole weekend. Maybe 70 classmates came - including spouses/friends/significant others...maybe 150. So not a lot of people. It was fun though. It's interesting to see how people have changed over 10 years. What they've done with their lives.
I think Chad put it best on our way home: Everyone in that high school was given the same opportunity, same education. It's interesting to see how everyone took the same opportunities and did something different with it.
Right. To each, his own.

Not to self: Do not laugh or talk when someone is taking your picture.
Note to Chad: Don't make silly noises and comments when someone is taking our picture.
I didn't take a lot of pictures once we got inside. This camera-happy mom seriously forgot about the camera. But here is Quinn. Watch out for him. He's going to be famous. I swear it!
We got home Sunday around 11am. Had a nap. Cleaned up a little. Then saw our friend Trevor & his girlfriend Kathy. Had a great time. Since Trevor left us for bigger & better things in CA, we only see him a few times a year. It's always good to see him. And Kathy too!
And hopefully, we will be making a trip to visit him one day soon. Not too soon. But soon.

So now, I have my 10-year reunion to look forward to. I was already excited about it. But now, even more so!
Shannon sent me some pictures from last weekend (Thanks Shan!)
I figured I would just include them since this post is basically a photo extravaganza!

A family of four. More hugs. More kisses.
Who could ask for more?

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