Saturday, September 2, 2006

Ugh. Her Hair.

We get comments all the time about Carys' hair.
"It's so beautiful!"
"She'll love that body when she gets older!"
"Where did she gets such great hair?" favorite...
"I can't believe she lets you style her hair! My toddler would run away screaming!"

Well, let me tell you, it takes a lot of work! All on my part. My sweet Carys was born with wild-woman hair. No combing, brushing, gel, mousse, hair gadgets or blow-drying can calm it. It is everywhere. All the time. And it drives me insane!
She has curls in the front, which I always dry straight - or else she would look like a crazed poodle. (Yep, my nickname for her is "Poodle"...)
One day, I hope it will all be behind us & I can just tell her to brush her hair & know that it won't take 30+ minutes. And that I'll be able to tell that she brushed it.

So, here it is. In all it's glory. I brushed it. She napped. I brushed it again. And this is what it truly looks like. No hairbows, my friends. And it's a shocking sight, isn't it?
(She is going to kill me when she gets older & realizes I posted photos like this on the Internet - so I'll do it now while I can!)

Oh, she's so cute - crazy hair or not! Giving Zoe a hug. She LOVES that dog. And Sisco too - but he's a little weird. He's more like a cat than a dog.

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