Friday, September 1, 2006

Ernesto Who?

Tropical Storm Ernesto brought us A LOT of rain. Poor Carys - she was so sick of looking out the window yesterday 7 wanting to go outside to play. She just said, "Rain mama, no outside!" The power went out at 3:30 for an hour. Then at 6pm, it went out again (until 10:30ish). You know what? I let her play in the rain. She was so bored, bless her little heart. It wasn't stormy, just raining, so I figured there was no harm. She was having a blast! The neighbor kids all came out to play shortly after. I guess we started a wet & messy trend yesterday.

With the power out, we had no hot water - so, not nice hot bath. But I did convince Carys to have a sit in the bathroom sink. She got clean enough - because she passed out from exhaustion around 10pm. She was pretty scared of the house being so dark and didn't understand why the lights wouldn't work. She has her own flashlight though, so she had fun playing around the house with her little light. She didn't stray too far from us though - hence the 10pm bedtime.

And we were pretty tired of sitting around the house after I got Carys cleaned up - so we went to McDonald's to sit in the A/C and have a little ice cream. Carys thought that was pretty neat - we hardly ever eat at McDonald's. Too bad that they didn't have an indoor playground!
We're pretty wet today. The rain gauge says 4.5" of rain. YIKES! The grass will be growing greener for sure! Our yard is a mess with limbs and leaves - but we were all safe, so that's all that matters.
If this is the worst we get during Hurricane season, we will be very lucky!

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