Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A few days in review

The happy little driver - the day after she got her Jeep...
Yes, it's dark out. By the time we eat dinner & I am able to take them out with Chad, it's dark. I love Fall - but I can do without the change that makes me feel like its bedtime at 4pm! (Although I used to love it when I was younger. Dark outside = no more yard work for the day! How I detested picking up pine cones.)
Showing off her driving skills to Gamma, Poppi, Aunt Joan & Uncle Jim.
She doesn't have the steering down yet, so I just turn the wheel tight to one side & she just does donuts in the yard. I know where she is going at all times and I'm not chasing her around the yard yelling, "Hey! Stop! Oh NO!" Chad & his girls.
I really wish I could get a picture of them when everyone is actually looking at the camera. But it never happens that way...
My giggly girl Cailyn. She thought Carys was hysterical in the Jeep. (Carys was circling the stroller - and Cai was all bundled inside.)
"Shake Zoe....NO! This way!" I have no idea where she gets her bossy side from. It's not moi.
Yea. Gamma dropped cheesecake on my darling's head.
Hey - we may have found a new hair growth method. Cheesecake is cheaper than Rogaine.
And if it happens that one's hair does not actually grow back by using the new miracle-grow cheesecake hair treatment, we won't refund your money. Just eat it.


Carys, playing in her rice box. She LOVES it. I liked the idea of an indoor sandbox (with rice instead of sand - because anyone who knows me KNOWS I detest sand). However...I find that rice is equally as detestable when it shows up everywhere. It does keep her occupied when the weather is yucky though, so I've left it alone for now. I have a strong feeling that the rice box will find its way to the closet where all the special toys (that only come out occasionally) live.

What is Carys doing, you ask? I asked that myself when I saw her. She was being so still. She couldn't see the TV. She wasn't reading.
That child is fast asleep.
She came back from Nana & Papa's extremely exhausted Saturday afternoon. She slept in the car. I thought she was rejuvenated. Nope. As soon as we got home, she ate. Then she went to play. And moments later I found her like this. I guess she just couldn't make it all the way onto the couch. Poor kiddo. She must have played hard!
Cailyn in the high chair. Not because she's eating anything that warrants the use of a high chair. She was actually sitting there because I simply had my hands full.
What was I doing? Guess:
a) making dinner
b) dancing with Carys
c) using the SwifferVac on the kitchen floor to get all the blasted rice

All of the above. If only I had about 5 more arms. Or a personal chef.
Which - by the way - leads me to new show I discovered. The Take Home Chef on TLC. Unsuspecting women (so they so - I don't really believe it because these women dress nicer than any women I've ever seen at the store...) are at the grocery store & BAM! They run into a chef who wants to help them shop for ingredients for a feast. And then he cooks it. At their house. For their family.

Ahhhhh. Sounds like pure bliss.
But something tells me that I won't be running into him at any of the grocery stores I frequent.


nikki said...

Matt and I LOVE The Take Home Chef. I do have to agree with you...I think these women know he's coming. Not only are they dressed better than most grocery shoppers around here, but their kitchens are spotless! Pop in my kitchen just about anytime and you will more than likely find a dirty dish or two (or 5 if Matt's been home alone) in the sink!

The girls are just precious. I love the rice are so creative! The Barbie Jeep is cute!! Reminds me of that Tracker (not tractor) I had in high was pink remember?

Love you all!!

amber said...

I am going to have to try that rice box someday...or maybe not with the mess and all. The picture of Carys in her hat is so cute! She is beaming with pride in her new car. And how old is Cailyn getting? Gosh, she looks so old in that last picture.

Christine said...

Carys looks like she is really enjoying her Jeep! That is cool!! I LOVE that picture of her sleeping on the couch ~ how funny is that? I would have been cracking UP if I saw that, probably load enough to wake her ;) Your girls are beautiful!

Brandy said...

Carys looks like she loves the Barbie Jeep, and who wouldn't?
What smiley girls.
Lol about the cheesecake.