Thursday, October 26, 2006

she's picked out her "lovey"

every child has a "lovey". well, most do, i think.
i had an old floppy bunny. i drug him everywhere. he now happily resides at the bottom of Cary's toy basket. funny that he's still around. and in pretty good shape, too!

Carys has her pink baby doll. that poor doll. lucky for me, it has a lifetime warranty, so i think "Baby" will be getting a twin sometime soon. of course i have to always keep the gnarly one for Carys when she gets older.

i must preface this by saying that Cailyn's lovey is not actually hers, per se. Carys actually received it as a gift at Cai's party. but Carys has so many things that i think she forgets it's hers. she remembered a few nights ago, but soon saw that Cai had adopted it & has left huge drool patches all over it. Carys let her have it. what a sweetheart.

Cailyn does a happy dance with Duggy the doggie.
i had just picked him up off the floor she was so excited to have him back.

Duggy, still firmly attached to Cai's hand

she will rub the little dog's ears forever.
when she's eating, she actually holds his ear.
it's adorable when little ones figure out how to soothe themselves.

and just another picture for good measure.
you guessed it - Duggy is on the couch next to her & she
is trying to figure out how to get it. hat & outfit courtesy
of my neighbor. it has little dogs all over it. (she too shall love dogs...)

Carys: "no, Cailyn, you kiss Carys here."
sweetest. girls. ever.

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Nikki said...

How precious!