Thursday, October 19, 2006

happy thursday!

Here you go: a paraphrased conversation with Cailyn, regarding her first cereal feeding. Enjoy.

What's that you say, Mommy? I'm getting some real food tonight?
Oh. What does that mean exactly?

I'm not sure I want that....Okay, I'll try it. I can't say it's the tastiest thing I've ever had....but what do I know? I'm just a baby.
All I ever eat are milkshakes. And this ain't no milkshake.
What did you say? I was too busy trying to get away from that spoon of cereal in your hand. I think I can wait on being a big girl Mommy. I really don't like big girl food. I'd rather you keep it on the spoon and outta my mouth!Geesh. I sure am cute. Eating big girl food is so tiring. I think I'll take a nappy now.

As you can see, Cai's first cereal feeding was pretty uneventful. I thought she would love it & beg for more. She opened her mouth after each bite, and I thought she was ready for another. Nope. She she gave it back to me. But she giggled and coo'd at me the whole time, so it couldn't have been that bad for her.
She just didn't want it. Which is fine by me. I not-so-secretly enjoy being the sole nourishment for her. It's our special time that no one else can have with her - and I want to hold on to that as long as I can. So, maybe a few more weeks - and we'll try cereal again. I just had to try it with her. If she was ready & wanted it, I would have readily given in to a daily breakfast cereal feeding. But I am not really saddened by the fact that she just wasn't interested in rice cereal. (Read that as: she's MY baby. Nanner Nanner Nanner! And I get to keep her as a tiny baby just a bit longer!)

Anyway - more pictures for your viewing pleasure. I'll try to keep my commentary minimal.

This is currently Cailyn's favorite toy. Carys gave it to her at the hospital (very sweet - Carys picked it out all by herself). My little titan grasps it & yanks the suction-cup-grippy base off each & every time. I hope this means she will always be so determined to get what she wants.
Poor Carys. She's been sick this week - but not to sick to go pee-pee in the potty for a lollipop! Poor kiddo. She actually had a fever of 104.7 when I took this picture. And don't ask why I take pictures of my kids when they're sick. I'm a mom. With a camera. Which means nothing good, but lots of pictures...that drive everyone around me nutso!
Actually, I was thinking of writing a book entitled: Kids Illnesses and Random Things They Stick Up Their Noses. The publishing house wanted some images, before they would give me a $ 56.9 kajillion bonus... so I am documenting each childhood illness we encounter for the aforementioned book.
Okay. This picture may look like nothing important. You will notice that Cailyn is not facing the camera (which irritates me to no end - look AT the camera!). You will also notice that Carys has her blue sippy (which annoys me because she's not "allowed" to take it out of the kitchen). You will notice that there are, yet again, no slip covers on my couch or loveseat (I don't have to say that I am annoyed that they are in the wash AGAIN for a reason that I don't have to mention). What you don't see (or hear - because it is a picture!) is that the moment Carys stopped talking to take a sip, Cailyn refocused her attention from me to Carys. And giggled the loudest and most honestly sweet belly laugh I have ever heard. She loves her big sister. Absolutely adores her. Carys is oblivious to this now - but she'll soon find out that Cailyn wants to be with her all the time. No matter what. (Then I am really going to have my hands full, eh?)
Cailyn never really enjoyed her swing. Not sure why. But we're about ready to pack it up. Chad says we should get rid of it for good - but I am still holding out hope that there may be yet one more Little Lanford that might need to use it. I digress...
We pulled out the Johnny Jumper. I don't think she's quite ready for it yet...but we tried it out anyway. She did enjoy the new viewpoint and I think she'll have a lot of fun when she figures out how to drive Mommy crazy by swinging from the door frame like a little monkey.
And our final shot of the day. What you see here is Childus Happius Proudius. She dressed herself completely. And she somewhat matches. She really makes a Mama proud!


nikki said...

I LOVE your blog!! It's like I'm in the Lanford home every single day!

amber said...

Those are DARLING! I love the pictures of Cailyn eating her first cereal. So cute. And that one of Carys and the sucker is darling. I hope Carys feels better soon...and I am so buying your book about illnesses and things they stick up their noses. HA!