Tuesday, October 17, 2006

it has begun

My child wants EVERYTHING she sees on television.
And lucky me, all the toy companies have started the expensive commercial blitzes with every toy known to man (and to Carys as the case may be...)

So I get to watch a toddler dance in excitement, chanting: Mommy, mommy! I want that! I want that!
There's pointing & whining & dancing & excitement & "please!!!!!!!" & clapping. Last night, there was even some kissing going on with the tv screen. (It was Carys kissing Dora, I'm sure - because I stopped kissing the celebrities on Access Hollywood a few years back...)
You would think that the new Dora kitchen will solve all of her toddler-sized problems with the way she carries on.

Until the next commercial. Then it's Dora's Magical Kingdom Castle that she must have.
Another commercial - another urgent need: Elefun (a game), TMX Elmo, the PlayDoh Create Station, the Fisher Price easel...the list goes on & on.

I wonder if she even remembers what was even being advertised in the previous commercial.
I highly doubt it.

She chants.
I chant: Ah, grandparents! (kidding, of course!)

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