Monday, October 9, 2006

many, many pictures. enjoy!

A new toy! Cailyn is on the verge of being 4 months old, so we broke out the exersaucer and hop&pop. She enjoys the hop&pop more right now - which is so cute! She will play in it for about 15 minutes by herself, so it gives me a little time to recover from holding her all the time. I can't wait to see what she weighs this week at her check-up - she has to be over 16lbs, and she is killing my back!
This is Carys in the hop&pop - right at 4 months old. Geesh, she was such a chunkaroo!

Our weekend was pretty low key. We planned to go the Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze, but it didn't work out. The weather was weird - cold and looked like it was going to rain. So, I did what I do best. Took lots of pictures. I'm on a black & white kick at the moment, and I think some of these came out so well. They are so precious. And who could ever get thru life without a sister?
The next two are probably my favorite pictures to date, minus the excessive drool on Cai's chin. I can feel her little teeth right under her gums, and she's been pretty miserable. Hopefully, we'll get some little teeth soon.
Sweet sisters. They love to cuddle!
My chunky *almost* 4-month-old.

Cailyn has also decided that she likes the dogs. Well, she likes Zoe. Zoe is so patient with the girls. Carys absolutely terrorizes her, but Zoe takes it in stride. Chad & I figure that Zoe puts up with Carys' antics because she knows what a mess Carys makes at the dinner table - which means Zoe gets to clean it up off the floor. (Hence, an overweight Beagle!)
CHEESE! I don't know why Carys decided to give me this face when I asked her to smile....but you gotta love the enthusiasm! Cailyn's getting her hands where she wants them, in these jerky little movements. She just smiles at herself when she maneuvers her hands into her mouth.
Her grins are contagious, aren't they? (and the date was actually 10.8.06....)


Nikki said...

I just love those cheeks!! And the dimples! As always...too cute!!!

amber said...

I can't believe how old Cailyn is looking now. She is getting so big!