Friday, October 13, 2006

a series of unfortuante events

Picture it. Clayton. Thursday, October 12. About 6:45pm.
All is calm. All is well. We're taking a casual stroll through our quaint little neighborhood.
We get to the main entrance and start to turn around.

Carys: DOG! I wanna see the dog!
Chad & Skye (in unison): Don't touch Carys - we don't know that dog. Let's turn around & go back home.
Chad hears a teen-aged girl calling the dog, so he decides to try to help get the dog across the street. He approaches the dog, I continue my stroll - facing the opposite direction.

Chad: HEY!!!!
I turn around, to notice Chad "dancing" with this dog. I have no idea what's going on.

Skye: Carys, look at your daddy...he's so funny, playing with that dog.

Then I notice the girl come over with the leash. Chad is still "dancing" with this dog - I figure he's trying to block the dog from going into the road.
Then I notice Chad hit the dog. With his fist.
We LOVE dogs. What in the world is he doing???

Chad: He BIT me! (He proceeds to stare the dog down, as the dog definitely wants to take another bite.)
Girl: He's aggressive. Sorry he bit you. Do what you have to do to make him stop.
(That was all paraphrased because I was too far away to hear it...)

Oh. Well. That changes everything, doesn't it?
I walk further away, but continue to watch. I hold Carys - in the event that she thinks Chad is playing & wants to run over there to play too.

A car turns into our neighborhood. The dog chases the car. Until the car passes me. Then he notices I'm standing there.
And comes closer.

Skye: (not yelling, but talking rather loudly and calmly) Um, CHAD!!!!
I have Carys in my arms, Cailyn is in the stroller. The dog could bite me I guess, but he's not growling. Just looking at me. I yell: "NO!" and he turns around and goes the other way.
Thank goodness!

Crisis averted.
But Chad was bitten. A warning bite, I guess. There is definitely a bruise and teeth marks, but no blood. Again, thank goodness.
And it's a good thing we like dogs. And that he bit Chad instead of me or the girls - then we would have HAD to call Animal Control. We understand the dog was freaked by the cars and the road and Chad trying to "help" him....

So we continue our walk. We have to bait Carys the rest of the way home with "We have to hurry, Carys, your friends will be inside if we walk too slowly!" So, we hurry home. And she plays with her buddies 2 doors down.

About 7:09pm
Carys: Mommy, I have to peepee.
Skye: Okay. Let's go!
We RUN into my neighbor's house to use the potty. But we didn't make it in time. She held it just enough to go in the potty, but I still had to change her clothes.

About 7:15pm
We're back from changing clothes.
Chad is playing with the 6-year-old & swinging her in the air by her arms.
Carys: I wanna do too Daddy!!!
Approximately 2 seconds later, she's done with her turn. And she yukes. Twice.
Narrowly missing my neighbor's head.
Cleaning up. Drinking water. Determining the cause: she got dirt in her mouth somehow & it gagged her...

About 7:20pm
Carys: Mommy, I have to poop.
Skye: Okay, let's go! Hmmm? What's that smell? You already went, didn't you?
Carys: Nope.
Skye: Let me see.
Carys: Nope.
Yea. She already went.

I'm so glad Thursday night is over. Everyone is safe & sound, clean & dry, well & non-yuking.

Happy Friday ;0)

And just a side note: My darling *almost* three-year-old is doing so well with potty-training. I am absolutely proud of her. Yet, she "forgets" to go potty when she's playing with her friends. I don't see how, with my constant "Do you have to potty now, Carys?" (and occasional dragging her inside to potty regarldess of her answer) every 3 minutes or so. But, she does "forget" sometimes, indeed.
I predict we will be 100% trained & laughing about our potty-training daze by the time she's 12. But by that time, I'll be going through this all again with the Wee Lanford.


nikki said...

Yikes! Sorry for the dog scare...glad it was a happy ending...for the Lanford girls that is. Poor Chad...mark this one down on the Daddy Duty list.

Carys will get the potty idea down before long...just you wait! She's growing up so fast!

Miss you all....

Brandy said...

Wow, what a day that was! Glad the dog passed by you and the girls.
WTG Carys going potty!