Thursday, October 12, 2006

all in the family

This is me as a wee one. I'm guessing about 7-8 months.
(I'm told this bow was taped to my head.)

This is Chad. 3 months old. What a cutie pie!

Carys & Cailyn, both about 4 months old.

Carys at 9 months. Such a happy girl!

And what have I learned? Both girls got Chad's stunningly HUGE blue eyes.
I already knew that.
Carys has my nose and chin. Knew that too.
Cailyn has Chad's build - definitely not mine & Carys'. Yep, I knew that, too.

I guess I didn't really learn anything from looking at all of our baby pictures together.
I already knew we made two of the most gorgeous babies I have ever seen.
(I am their mama, I can say that with no reservations!)
They are a perfect mix of US.
And I simply cannot wait to see how they grow and change.

And before I forget:
You've already changed so much in four short months. (Your cheeks are not nearly as large, but still extremely kissable!)
And I couldn't imagine our lives without you for one second.


Nikki said...

I see Blaine in the pic of you! And you are right...Carys and Cailyn are gorgeous!

amber said...

Such cute pictures! Carys and Cailyn ARE gorgeous! And they look like both of you.