Monday, November 27, 2006

ahhhh. the Holidays are here!!!!

first off - i hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving. we had a wonderful day, and a great Holiday weekend. of course we ate too much and had too many leftovers. we slept when we could. and hugged our kiddos when we wanted to. i did absolutely nothing (except for the things i had to do...) and it was all i wanted it to be. Carys with her cousin, Landon

Carys & Cailyn with Memaw & Poppi
we are now proud parents of a beautiful Christmas tree. i hope i can remember to water it.

and i am also pleased to announce that the Wee-est Lanford has reached quite a few milestones since my last entry.

a photo essay
Cailyn is now sitting. all by herself. of course she can't pull herself to the sitting position, but that will come soon enough. i don't want to rush it. her baby-ness is disappearing before my eyes.
she's babbling non-stop. i can't help but wonder what her first word will be. (Carys' was duck!)
she is also developing her palate. she's the master of rice cereal - and was quite literally trying to climb out of her high chair at dinner each night to see and taste what the erst of us were having. so. i gave in.
she can't get enough. she LOVES real food.
and i'm sure she'll be eating many things she's not supposed to have quite yet by Christmas.

my baby is growing so fast. and she's such a great sleeper. she sleeps right thru the night, and usually wakes me up by talking and chattering away at herself in her crib. she gives me the biggest smile when i go in to get her every morning. it is the sweetest thing.

and Carys....
is turning 3. much quicker than i would like. in less than two weeks, she'll be a THREE YEARS OLD, people! THREE. Tres. T-H-R-E-E.
i promise i'll stop talking about her turning 3 soon. because, in 2 short weeks, she will be three. THREE. and then i can start talking about how she'll be FOUR.
i repeat: where does the time go? Carys was as teeny tiny baby not too long ago. it's hard to believe.

she can finally count all by herself. she wasn't interested in numbers. at all.
or the alphabet - but we'll tackle that soon.
but, she's finally letting us teach her these things.

just look at the little Lanford girls. Carys is such a great big sister.


Nikki said...

I can't get over how much Cailyn has grown! And Carys will be 3!! Wow...time does fly! I love the clip of Carys counting...too cute!

amber said...

PRECIOUS! That video gave me chill bumps. I love Carys' little laugh at the end. Made me smile from ear to ear.

Way to go on the awesome milestone, Cai! Gosh, she is GROWING, Skye. What is happening? Glad you all had a great Thanksgiving.

nikki said...

the new layout is nice! very festive!

Christine said...

Skye ~ water your tree :) There, a reminder!! I LOVE the video!! What a sweetie she is counting like a big girl!! You need to get Hi Ho Cherrio if you do not have it. A fun counting concept game...Way to go sweet Cailyn sitting up like a BIG GIRL!!! Time does certainly fly and you are right, soon we will be saying "I cant believe they are going to be 4!!" I still say that and Zan is going to be 8, lol!!

Have a great weekend!!!