Tuesday, November 21, 2006

our weekly update.

last night, the girls & i went to wal-mart, in hopes of purchasing all of our turkey-day trimmings. oh, how i knew i should have gotten all my things earlier. it was packed. and wally-world was out of a lot of things. (how does this happen? HOW!?!?!? it's WAL-MART!!!)

anyway - Carys was an angel. she even walked the entire time - which she never does. ever. she's always in the cart because she likes to run away in public. and nothing upsets me more than having to chase after her while poor Cailyn sloshes about in the sling. but Carys walked. and she was pretty good.

mishap 1: we were on an aisle, just looking around. there's a lady at the end of the aisle. at the time, i didn't know she was an employee because she wasn't wearing her vest...but i guess it doesn't really matter if she worked there or not.
for some reason, Carys decided she looked like a willing victim of a hiney slap.
Oh yes. Carys slapped this poor woman's hiney, and kept on walking.
why? i have no idea. poor lady. she looked so startled. i apologized profusely. and she laughed. Carys kept walking, until i made her apologize.

mishap 2: on the toilet-paper aisle. i didn't need tp - but it was short-cut to the meat department, so i was high-tailing it thru there (did i mention wal-mart was packed?). Carys decided she wants to crawl thru the shelves. i tell her no. twice. and she trots behind me. i stop to get Cailyn's paci, and Carys takes it as the perfect opportunity to crawl thru the shelves. ugh. i warn her. i count to 5. she comes running. and does a face-plant.
she's tough. she shakes it off.
the only thing i can think is: seriously. you fell. again. i bet you'll have a bruise. no beautiful Christmas card photo yet again. you always have bruises on your face!
(of course i thought this to myself - after i made sure she was okay.)

mishap 3: Carys tells me she has to go potty. i ask if she can hold it - and she does. she daintily places her hand between her legs and walks down the aisle. i didn't mean hold it. literally.
anyway - she holds it. until we get to checkout. all i want to do is pay for our things, park the cart & take her to the potty.
so i pick her up & tell her a story, thinking it will distract her long enough to do just that.
"Mommy. I have to pee-pee....now."
next thing i know, she's looking at me with a terrorized look on her face. and i feel something warm on my side.
poor girl. i should have listened. it was all mommy's fault. of course, i apologized profusely and we went to the bathroom.

and Cailyn.
she had applesauce tonight.
with rice cereal.
and milk from a sippy cup.
she had a little interest with a new bottle, but she still has bottle issues. the sippy cup though - she actually took. so maybe we'll just skip bottles all together. fine by me.

and just in case i don't get another moment to update beforehand....

eat, drink & be merry.
safe travels.

(and don't forget your stretchy pants...)

i'll be back soon with pictures. guaranteed.

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Nikki said...

Oh the joys of motherhood! Your stories always make me smile! Have a great turkey day!!