Friday, November 17, 2006

conversations with a pre-schooler

Numero Uno:

carys: Mommy! I want that! I want that! I want that!!!!!!! (imagine a crazy-dancing
preschooler, pointing excitedly at the new Little Mermaid kitchen on television...)
me: I know, you want everything you see. You have to pick a few things for your birthday &
Christmas. you can't have everything.
carys: That's okay. Santa will get it for Carys.

Where did that come from???? We haven't discussed Santa. At all. I mean, she knows who he is...she knows he says "HO! HO! HO!". But I haven't gotten to the whole "if you're good he brings presents" conversation with her. (Why? Well, it's still open for debate in our household. Chad doesn't want to believe in Santa. I do. So....we're in an interesting predicament.)
We're still not really doing the whole Santa thing.

*Apparently, Carys is. I guess she has pieced it all together from the Holiday commercials that started in...oh, let's say August.
Oh, the joys of advertising.

Numero Dos:

There was a Time-Out issued for spitting. We had talked about spitting several times yesterday. Each "lesson" ended with her reciting: "I'm sorry. I will not spit. I will listen to Mommy."

me: Carys, did you spit at your sister?
cailyn: {blank stare, with her hair soggy & sticking up}
carys: Nope.
me: You did. I saw you. You have to go to Time-Out now.
carys: NO, Mommy! NO! Please. (Crying starts...)

.... 2 minutes pass .... (my rule is that she can't come out of T-O until she stops crying enough for us to talk about what she did to be sent to T-O in the first place...she was still crying.)

me: You can come out of Time-Out when you stop crying and talk to Mommy.
carys: Mommy. I ready to listen now.

*Music to my ears. Granted, she was sent to Time-Out 2 more times yesterday for spitting. But I reaming hopeful that this whole Time-Out thing will work. Eventually.

Numero Tres:

me: Goodnight Carys, I love you!
carys: I love you more, Mommy!

*See. It's all worth it at the end of the day.

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