Tuesday, November 7, 2006

something strange. and something adorable.

I know. At first glance, this picture looks like any ordinary cute-kids-playing-in-crunchy-Fall-leaves shot.
And it is.
The kids are cute.
They are playing.
The leaves are crunchy.
It is Fall.

But look closely.
Do you notice anything out of place?

Did you notice the look of sheer terror on Carys' face?
It's there. That look is not a look of shock because someone is throwing leaves on her.
My best guess is that she heard all the crunching and thought there were bugs on her. She came running over to me, swatting her head/face/belly/shirt/etc. She calmed down, but refused to play in the leaves any more.
Poor kiddo. It was supposed to be fun.

My other child..... ....has decided she LOVES bath time!
And giving her big sister kisses.
(Lucky for me Carys likes to give kisses, as well as receive.)

Is there anything cuter?
Nope. Absolutely not. I could smother both of my little muffins with kisses.

1 comment:

amber said...

Now, how precious are those sister kisses? Too adorable! And the look of terror on Carys' face in the leaves is priceless.