Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our weekly wrap-up

On Thursday night, Chad took Carys to her first NC State basketball game. She didn't want to go at first, but she changed her mind when it was time to leave.
She had a great first daddy-daughter date - she had so much fun!
Cailyn & I went shopping, which was also quite fun! But you know you're a mommy when you go to buy something for yourself & end up leaving with a bag full of clothes for the kids. And nothing for yourself.
"Sharing" popcorn with "Uncle" Trevor....
Can you tell it's Christmas break at the University? There is NO ONE there.....
Dolly & I made cookies this week. Yummy, yummy cookies. Dark chocolate chips with macadamia nuts. Yum. Yum. Yum.
Please ignore the bird's nest on top of Carys' head. She's still in jammies, and I hadn't even tried to tame the beast of hair yet.
Doesn't she look sick to you? No?
She has her first ear infection (and pink eye, which is ALL better!), and it hasn't been so bad. She's been loving the extra-extra attention though. And I can't complain that we went 3 years without an ear infection. Just our turn, I guess.
Playtime with her Barbie car...That's all for now. I was up all night with 2 kiddos, so it's time to catch a nap. After all, everyone else is sleeping - I should, too!


Anonymous said...

The seats are empty because the game is over, smarty. ECU sucks. Go WOLFPACK!

Brandy said...

Carys is adorable in her cheerleading oufit!
WTG Chad taking pictures for Skye :)
I am glad Carys wasn't feeling too bad for being sick.

amber said...

Carys looks like she had a blast at her first bb game! Jay took Abby to watch Florida play a few weeks ago, and the girl STILL talks about it. Those games are very family-friendly.