Friday, January 5, 2007

thought i was slacking, eh?

we have been pretty busy - needless to say, my picture posts have been few & far between.
i'm baaaaaaaack!
the girls were unwilling photography victims this week. yet again.
it's still hard for me to catch still pictures of Carys anymore.
she is like a little hummingbird - and i doubt you want to see the 15+ photos of her with some blurry body part or silly facial expression.
i have to say that this is one of the most beeee-oo-tiful pictures i've taken of her in a long time. she looks so grown up. all three years of her...
and she's not giving me her signature all-teeth-grin, either.
oh. and look!!! she's having a gorgeous hair day, too!
"whatchou talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
getting ready for a tea party.
i think we have about 12 tea parties a day. at least.
except it's not a typical tea party.
we have tea sometimes, sure. but the hostess with the most-est likes to serve dora soup. with soda. and cake. and sometimes ice-pops.

aha! i caught the moment - finally! Cailyn is really into kissing at the moment.
and Carys is really into being kissed. apparently.

during Carys' naps this week, Cailyn & i had lots of fun.
she's standing.
did i just type that????
standing. alone.
for brief periods of time.
she's also trying to pull herself up with all her might.
and she does it. almost.
i'm not ready for her to be doing this yet.

she has mastered scooting. but only backwards. so, she often gets stuck in some interesting places, then calls for me with a very sweet, shrill, ear-piercing call for help.
she is also pretty good at using her belly as a pivot. and swiveling in circles to get where she needs to go.
it really is amazing to watch babies learn these skills. six months ago, she was just a little baby blob - eating, sleeping, pooping.

now she does things. things that are going to lead to other things. and those to other things, too.

anyway, back to the week in pictures.
she's in love with her new sippy.
sigh. she's not quite 7 months. i am so not ready!

what a big girl. she's actually sitting still....

she is just so darn happy!
and adorable.
and sweet.
and extremely proud of her new teeth.
ahhh. this is why i never get anything done. i usually have a at least 10 things on my to-do list.
but i can't even consider doing the first thing on my list if Cailyn falls asleep in my lap. it won't be this way forever. and i want to hang onto to every second of it.

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amber said...

WOW! That second picture of Carys is GORGEOUS!! She looks so grown up! And tell Cailyn that she is NOT old enough to be standing. Gosh, where does the time go?