Thursday, January 25, 2007

daddy's leavin' on a air-o-plane!

Chad has to go to San Antonio for a few days. We would all love to go of course - maybe some other time.
Carys is pretty excited that her daddy gets to fly on a real air-o-plane. She insists that she's going too. No matter how many times I explain that daddy has to work and it wouldn't be any fun, she's persistent.
So, now I have refocused her enthusiasm. Every little good girl gets a gift when daddy gets back from a trip like that, right? Right!
SO, Chad will have to scour the hills of San Antonio for a cowburl hat (cow girl + cow boy = cowburl). Luckily, it's Texas so he shouldn't have to look too hard.

Last night, while I was dressing Cailyn in her jammies, I realized that she could probably wear some of Carys 12month pjs by now.
Oh yes, my little chunkamunk can wear them already.
Then I remembered that I bought Carys the same exact pair of pjs in another size.
Do you smell the photo opp brewing?

The same jammies -- too stinkin' cute! I took more pictures than this, but this is the best one with both girls in focus...
I went shopping the other day & bought some matching jammies for next winter. I cannot wait for them to wear them together.
I used to think it was sick when parents dressed their kiddos alike.
Of course, that was before I had kids. Now I get it. It's cute. Sometimes.

Carys has decided that she likes her picture taken again.
She actually poses for me & says: Mom, take my pitcha, puh-lease! Get da camma.
translation: Mom, take my picture, please. Get the camera.

And the Wee Lanford has decided that getting stuck in things is her coolest and favorite new pass-time.
She can into the area beneath the exersaucer, but not out of it.
She also enjoys hanging out by the entertainment center, with her leg hooked underneath.

She'll hang out for a bit. Then she's done. You've gotta get her out when she's done or your poor eardrums will rupture. She's a screamer. That's all there is to it.
More Princess training from yesterday afternoon.
You'll notice that Carys is absent in this photo. She was dressing up also, but firmly told me: No pitchas, mommy. No pitchas fo' Carys. Puh-lease!
My little divas.

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amber said...

LOVE the new look! Very cool! Where did you get the papers? I'd love to get them for a some layouts. :)

I LOVE the matching pajamas! As if you haven't been able to tell before now, I am also one of those crazy moms who dresses her girls the same. I think it is too cute.

The pictures of Carys by the window are beautiful. Great job.

Again...LOVE the new look.